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I am  an educator and ICT expert from Mbita, Kenya. I am also co-founder of the Udogo Youth Development nonprofit and Suba Youth Resource Center in Mbita-Rusinga Island , as well as the Kenyan-Tanzanian youth development organization, Uyoga. I and Maria Agnese Giraudo are working together in Kenya and Tanzania as Partners and Collaborators, and have travelled together to e-learning conference Accra-Ghana. Last year 2007, we attended the 2nd e-learning conference, in Nairobi- Kenya. You van also find me here; See more at

Knowledge based approach is some intelligent thinking in management which must be acquired. This will include; resource-based, competence-based, etc. There must be resources for this type of approach. Where by most activities are subjected more to traditional economics of organizational theories to strong critiques and property rights. We examine key ideas of the knowledge-based approach, the argument is that, these are not necessarily in conflict with basic ideas from organizational economics (particularly ideas relating to the property rights approach), but are either complementary to or consistent with these. In fact, property rights economics and other organizational economics ideas may at least to some extent constitute a much needed micro-foundation for the knowledge-based perspective. The purpose of this exercise is 1. to facilitate dialogue, 2. to dispel false claims of insurmountable differences between the two approaches, and 3. to establish what is genuinely different in the knowledge-based approach, what is different here is access. Fortunately, we are living in an Information Communication Technology (ICT) era, where the dissemination of information from one place to another has virtually become real time. The IT tools can be sufficiently exploited for any challenging task such as planning and coordination of information, these technologies can be effectively achieved through knowledge experts. Knowledge of experts is a key input for any system of development, Knowledge Based Approach systems are being developed for development planning that can be evaluated and use the knowledge gained to aid the decision making process, thereby allowing the information flow. Knowledge Based Approach will enhance leaders to have better development plans for their organizations.

Eh!!!! “How can I change our people's mind set to knowledge based approach?”

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