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YOUTH AND WOMEN A LIKE: YOUTH FOR UNITY AND VOLUNTARY ACTIONS (YUVA/KAWALA- SOCIAL NETWORK Suba Youth/women social network was and is still a professional body of like minded counselors, social workers in Suba district/Mbita/Rusinga-Island. To promote professionalism and unity of purpose ,teacher counselors, social workers and those who had the interest of Suba community at heart, felt the need to form an all inclusive Association of counselors to coordinate and promote counseling programs in and out of school youth in the mother district along the Lake Victoria-Kenya. This resulted in the initiation of various social enterprise ventures all now currently run under the flagship of Youth For Unity and Voluntary Actions (YUVA) and Kawala women Development.Many of the youth who are productive and energetic, remain unemployed and continue to suffer from poor health, lack of sufficient support. Some have special needs that require special attention like the Nyamuga Special school; where youths and children ( Physically Challenged) are , yet the youth are a potential resource of the country. Our Mission 'A living Hope is a desire and dream for whole human race' GOAL OF YUVA/KAWALA. YUVA endeavors to be a hub of resource mobilization for addressing issues affecting young people in Suba District and around the Lake Victoria, by providing broad based strategies that can be used to give the youth’s meaningful opportunities to reach their maximum potential. In doing this, the YUVA and Kawala women development draws its strength and focus from the eight thematic areas from the National Youth Policy in the Ministry of youth Affairs (MOYA). 1. Youth empowerment. 2. Employment creation. 3. Education and training (vocational training) 4. Health especially reproductive health, HIV/AIDS. 5. Environment. 6. Crime and Drug Abuse. 7. Leisure, recreation and community service. 8. Information’s Communications Technology. 9. Women entrepreneurship culture and homegrown retail segment. We are driven by the overall policy goals and objectives of MOYA in the promotion of youth and women participation in the democratization process as well as community and civic affairs by ensuring that the programs that involve them are youth and women centered. In our endeavors to proactively mobilize and provide affirmative action to various creeds of the Suba Community, Yuva/Kawala has recently networked with SWAP (SAFE WATER AND AIDS PROJECT, TUUNGANE, GENDER AND SPORTS MINISTY ETC) to expand community catchment in the district. This social network will help spur development programmes within Suba/Mbita/Rusinga-Island. Hence our objectives are geared towards: 1. Creating proper conditions for the youth and women to empower themselves and exploit their potential. 2. Initiating positive partnerships, initiatives and programs with non profit making groups to help the youth and women to fulfill their objectives. 3. Identifying ways of empowering the youth, taking into cognizance the socio-economic environment. 4. Promoting the culture of volunteerism, honesty and hard work among the Children,youth and women. Our vision To integrate the development of Information Communications Technologies (ICT), with societal applications to promote Government business and Community welfare. OUR ACTIVITIES Our activities are carried under the flagship of Yuva and Kwala women hosted at the Rusinga United hall next to Nyamuga Primary school. The YUVA and KAWALA is a hub for initiating and implementing youth/women development programs in the intended satellite divisional youth social network centers in Suba/Mbita district. This will take a multi-sectoral approach by encouraging youth/women initiatives consistent with the national laws and development priorities. In doing this, the YUVA/KAWALA eschews the principles of: 1. Mainstreaming of youth and women issues.(needs, opportunities and challenges) 2. Equity and accessibility.(equitable distribution of programs and services) 3. Gender inclusiveness.(gender equity and equality) 4. Good governance.(tolerance,transparency,accountability and patriotism) 5. Respect of cultural belief systems and ethical values.(religion, customs and ethnicity) Having realized the importance of ICT4D from their Coordinator Samwel Kongere.The Social Network is already offering free training services in the Suba Community as bio-lingual society (LUO & SUBA). Some 200 youths have already benefited from the training programme that focuses on. 1. ICT (digital literacy) training on a Microsoft Unlimited Potential platform. 2. Entrepreneurship training for the youth 3. Life planning skills training. 4. Hoped for a digital library facility A living hope is desire which is a Youth/women entrepreneurship development program helps the beneficiaries, most of who have secondary school education background with no employable skills and are not prepared to enter the job market is helped to. · Create an entrepreneurial culture. · Link the women and the youth to maintain fiscal organizations · Create an entrepreneurial culture and attitude to improve their income prospects. · Help them take entrepreneurship as a career · Provide skills to identify business opportunities and creations Our existence is justified by the following Challenges: 1. High school dropout rates. 2. Increasing crime and deviant behavior. 3. Limited access to sports and recreation activities. 4. Rampant cases of abuse and exploitation of the youth and women. 5. Limited/lack of access to information advocacy and communication Technology. 6. Limited participation of the youth/women in development process. Employment opportunities are always very limited in the rural areas. Self employment in small enterprises can make it possible to generate income to satisfy needs improve the standards of living for the rural areas. The Social Network is keen on using the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) bottom- up growth strategy in developing rural entrepreneurship to provide opportunity for the poor to as a path out of poverty by facilitating the: · Transfer informal activity to the formal sector and lead rural and women entrepreneurs an the rural poor to the growth path to · Improvement of business regulatory environment * Strengthening of entrepreneurial capabilities and collective self–help efforts * Creation of market networks.(establishing contacts with marketing firms) * Development of entrepreneurial skills of young and old people. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sam Kongere (Kenya) jambita1@yahoo.com Ricardo (England) ricardoolpc@yahoo.co.uk ; For more information contact: Yuva/ Kawala social information coordinator Samwel Kongere Information Coordinator, P.O. Box 191, Mbita Code 40305 Phone: +254(0)725600439 E-mail: jambita1@yahoo.com Website: www.friendsofrusingaisland.org http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?SamwelKongere mendenyo@yahoogroups.com

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